Pleasure Power

Unleash Your Pleasure Power – Introduction Night Gouda

vrijdag 2 mei 2014 
van 19:30 tot 23:00 in De Balzaal

Is your sex life a celebration or a struggle?

Do you have pain, discomfort, guilt or shame around sex?
Do you have challenges around lasting longer, orgasming, or enjoying meaningful connected love making?

How would it feel to have sex for hours, to experience long minutes of orgasm, and to be charged and energized afterwards?
How would your daily life, relationship, studies, career, art, and health transform if you could experience mind-blowing, body-shaking, blissful pleasure?

Join this evening workshop to learn how to:
– Become an amazing lover
– Expand your orgasmic range and experience extended orgasmic states, not just orgasmic moments
– Harness sexual energy to transform your life
– A few simple yet juicy solo and couple exercises (cloths on)

Cost: 15 Euro
Book here to secure your space

If there are still spaces, you could also buy a ticket at the door (please bring the exact amount in cash with you).

This evening workshop is an introduction for the weekend workshop “Unleash Your Pleasure Power”, May 16-18 in Rotterdam.
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Eyal Matsliah

About Eyal:

Eyal has been studying and practicing various forms of Tantra, Sexuality, Yoga, Meditation and healing modalities since 2000. He is known for his integrity, humor, strong presence, and grounded approach; You will be inspired and blown away by his real-life stories and experiences. Eyal has held workshops in Thailand, Australia and Europe and spoke at festivals such as Byron Spirit Festival, Celebrating sexualtiy AU (sexcamp) and Angsbacka sweden.

“My life purpose is to empower you to express your sexuality, and harness it to express your life purpose”

More details at:

Eyal is available for private coaching and sexual healing sessions in the Netherlands or over Skype.

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