Kiara Windrider retreat (English)

Kiara Windrider

1st may, fryday evening  free lecure, 2 and 3 may 2015 four days  retreat

The Balzaal has the honor to introduce Kiara Windrider for the third time to the Dutch public. We are very proud to have this teacher of white light  in Gouda.

People who joined his program before or red his books about the energy of the white light of Ilahinoor know how this wonderful and powerful energy can be reached. Kiara developed practices to access a field that is always around us. He enables the participants to tap off from sources with infinite energy and knowing. You don’t need any magic in order to do so. It’s just here and now available for you and you will possess the key to it for the rest of your life

Beside that the participants also will get involved with the secrets of enlightenment. As a matter of fact they get all the insights to maintain the awareness of the Self.. Most people are desperate searching for it a lifetime in tours in faraway spiritual resorts. The possibility of knowing yourself however is right here, right now and accessible for everyone. These teachings will help make this a permanent realization for you.

The retreat program takes you on a life changing tour with many insights and methods you can emerge practicing right away. There will be lectures, dancing, healing sessions, shamanism exercises and possibilities to have individual counseling from Kiara if there is time.  We promise you a program with great value you ll never forget.

Evening of 1st May: lecture by Kiara

19.30 (door open 19.00)  – ca. 22.30

Kiara Windrider tells us:

it is essential to create a strong link with the lightbody in order to pass through these challenging times ahead. our quest for personal healing must include a desire for planetary awakening. cellular transformation is the key. the combination of inka work, ilahnoor and bioenergetics is a potent combination for anchoring the light of the soul within our human bodies, and to fulfill our destiny in the creation of a new earth.

This event is free. of course we appriciate a financial gesture which will do right to what you think this event is worth.

The retreat

2May: Advanced Ilahinoor practices, de-conditioning the mind, long distance healing
3 May: Shamanic breathwork, enlightenment teachings and practices

Time: 10.00 till about 18.00

Costs of the retreat

1 day € 95,-

2 days € 170,-

You can bring your own lunch or buy a lunch € 5,- for each day You can stay in a bed and breackfast in Gouda.

Do you want to join in? Mail of call +316-50569383

The retreat will take place in

De Balzaal, Prins Willem Alexanderkazerne Groen van Prinsterersingel 44
2805 TE Gouda

This is what Kiara wrote about DEMYSTIFYING ENLIGHTENMENT read the PDF

More video’s with Kiara

More information:

Kiara spent last year quite some time on new experiences that expanded his spiritual knowledge. These experiences seems to be very valuable for his improved Program that he will implement in May in De Balzaal in Gouda.

Kiara: The Inca teachings have been quite valuable for me, specifically about how we can transmute heavy energies into light energies. I have also spent some weeks in India in deeper contemplation of the Advaita (non-dualism) teachings and practices. I’ll bring this teachings into my new program and let the participants profit in the best possible ways.

We will be complementing the deep Ilahinoor work with powerful Inca practices and initiations, also with kahuna and Advaita teachings and practices. We will include biodanza along with dances of universal peace, as a means for engaging the body in a celebratory healing way

Participants will learn to connect with the flow of the energy moving through the universe, and to align their bodies to the great cosmic presence. They will learn to activate the energy centers so they can travel through alternate dimensions with greater ease and understanding. They will learn to receive the refined vibrations of an evolutionary force known as Ilahinoor, which prepares them to merge their physical bodies with their light bodies. This opens up potentials for physical healing, emotional clearing, and spiritual understanding.

Participants will be inititated into the 4th level of inka teachings as well as into the Ilahinoor work. They will learn about the Huna system of healing, practice shamanic breathwork, and learn about the Advaita traditions of ancient India, allowing them to live their lives with a deeper quality of surrender, compassion and mastery. All these teachings and practice work in a very complementary way, and greatly enhance each other.

Participants will also come into a greater understanding of galactic and planetary cycles, and the evolutionary transformation we are currently experiencing as a human species.

The program I offer is suitable for anybody who is on a spiritual path, who seeks to expand their healing abilities, who wishes for greater heart opening and emotional mastery, and to fulfill their higher purpose in life.

Another good reason to join is because they will learn basic healing skills, learn how to release stress and negativity, enjoy the safety of a loving circle of like-minded souls. For anybody who’s commitment to their own healing path, and to serve the planet in the best way they can, is this program strongly recommended.

The program serves in much individual room to answer personal questions.
This is an essential aspect of the program. Interaction between participants and with the facilitator is key to a satisfying experience. We will try and respond to any questions that participants may have on their journey of awakening, always recognizing that the most meaningful answers always come from within. This program can deepen our trust and surrender to the flow of life, and enhance our ability to live deeply from the heart in compassion, power, and joy

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